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The Remembering

For the Priestess, Healer, Mystic, Medicine Women, Way-shower and Feminine Leader

She who is committed to bridging the gap between our humanness and the divine

Between Earth and heaven

Between instinct and mind 

Between the seen and unseen 

A weaver of worlds 

An embodied mystic

A soul having a human experience

Here to weave the sacred back into everyday life

To make magic out of the mundan

To Remember

Shamanic Sounding & Movement Meditation (2).png

This is for you if you are ready to blow the doors wide open to your path as a healer, mystic, priestess, way shower and feminine leader.


To take an intentional step into feminine leadership. 

To share your innate gifts and wisdom with the world.

To face your fears and alchemize all that holds you back. 

This is for you if you know you are meant to do something more than your current reality.


Step by step, you will be introduced to the rose lineage, reiki, shamanism, embodiment, somatic healing, and so much more. You will have the opportunity to pick and choose what lands in your unique magic. You will gain hands-on experience, dive deep into your own healing and evolve into the healer you urn to be. It’s a journey, with many ebbs and flows. 


You will be supported wholeheartedly during the times of ebbs and celebrated fully in your ultimate flow moments.


We will touch the dark, the light, the whole slurry of the spectrum in between. 

Walk this path with me

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This 12 Month Long Journey Includes:

Unlimited Access to All Embody Experiences

Plus Community Communication Portal

In these gatherings we will get a chance to play with 

 our gifts and abilities. We will experiment and experience with psychic abilities, healing hands, shamanic journeying and Rose Lineage deities, and so much more!

Included along with our monthly meetings, you will have the opportunity to add Numerology, Astrology and Human Design to your skill set. These workshops will be hosted separately during our time together. 

Each month you will have the opportunity to integrate and fully embody the your journey in the Embody Experiences. This is the space where you get to learn into finding safety in being seen, expressing yourself and stepping into the full powerful range of a women you are. 

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